Saturday, December 4, 2010

#15: " We started a new transaction".

from Calvin Durant
to Erik Shelley
date Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 1:35 PM

Hi Erik,

We started a new transaction. You will receive the payment today or tomorrow directly to your address provided via USPS.

ID: KMNEI-109;
Payment method: Check;
Value: $2,199.00;
Delivery time: 1-3 days;
Attn: INVOICE # 45764

The product (INVOICE # 45764) was already delivered. Only after you process this order will you receive more checks to process. We cannot send you more than 1-2 checks in the first week. Exception is only if you process orders very fast (36 hours). In this case you will receive many orders.

If the bank ask where are the checks from, please tell them you receive them from clients and that you own a business. They have no more reason or authority to pry into this matter. Once the bank sees that several checks are cashed this new operation will become routine and they will not bother you anymore.

Due to the fact that in this period we need more cash flow we have a promotional offer for you. You will receive a $100.00 bonus for sending the funds to us from a check in under 36 hours from the moment you receive it (not including weekends). You will deduct the bonus from our 90%.


After you cash the funds please deduct your commission (10%) + $100.00 bonus. Also deduct all the other fees involved from cashing the funds and transferring the money to us from the remaining 90% and send us the balance. After you have completed the tasks above, scan the Western Union receipt and send them by e-mail to us. To send the funds to us you have to:

1. Go to and click on Find agent location to find the nearest Western Union office. There is a $999.00 limit is for on-line (website) transaction. You can send the money with cash from the nearest Western Union office. Please use the website locator ("Find Agent Location") to show you a Western Union office near your location. Then you have to go there and send the funds to us.

2. Go to the Western Union office and send the funds to us as a money transfer. When the Western Union employee asks you if you know the person that you are sending the money, you have to respond 'Yes'. It is their policy after 911 and if you respond 'No' they might not complete the transfer and that will cause delays. If they ask you why you are sending the money reply that is in personal interests, same applies if they ask you what your relationship with the receiver is. This is our Company employee that you are sending the funds to. Also, as we keep your information from other parties and never gives it out to anyone so we would like you to do the same and keep our relationship private.

3. When you send the money, please calculate the final fees that Western Union will ask you and send the payment without the fees amount.

Here you have all the info that you need in transfer to make the payment:

Please fill in the following info under Receivers when you will complete the Western Union form:

Receiver First Name/Last Name: BRIAN MOLKO


At WU office you will need only the name, city and country.

You need to send the total - cashing fees and WU fees. Please be very careful and verify if the Western Union employee wrote the correct names for sender and receiver because they make mistakes very often and so we can prevent a lot of problems that would cost us all time and money. After you will make the payment, you will get (two numbers containing 10 digits) the tracking numbers.


1. The exact name and address of the sender of the money (the sender name and address you wrote on the form at that you used at Western Union to send the money. This is a must, it is your info that you wrote on the Western Union money transfer form and it is needed to pick up the money)

2. The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) very carefully please!

3. The total amount without fees in British Pounds. Please ask the Western Union employee what was the total amount sent in British Pounds after the conversion.

4. The receiver name.


Before you send the information you can verify here: if the information is correct.

Your fast response is appreciated.

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